About me

My name is James Bryan Egdami, I have two first names and prefer to be called JB. I was born and raised in the Philippines. 19 years later, I am now living in the United States of America. Today, I am currently a student of Mclennan Community College located in Waco, Texas majoring in Media Communications. The reason why I chose Media Communications because I love vlogging on youtube. I vlog about myself, my workout, and my dog, Teemo.

2 months ago, I created a live WordPress website for business purposes. I am still working on making it a descent website but it is easier said than done. With that being said, I wanted to learn more about it, and be able to create a website that is just so beautiful that everybody would want to visit. When I am done with this class, I am hoping that I can create an awesome website in two days and not two months. In addition, I do not have much experience with web design, programming, and graphic design except from. However, after trial and error, I will get there because a person cannot be a professional web designer or programmer the first time around.
Now that is out of the way, let’s talk about 5 health related websites that is free
– This website has all the answers to any health related questions. May it be blood pressure, cancer, or diabetes
– This website is my go to site when wanting to know about anything under the sun
– I have hypertension and this website has everything there is to know about hypertension and more.
– Webmd is the type of website that I want mine to look like.
– I often visit this website due to family history of diabetes.
Lastly, 3 pictures that can describe me as a person
Best dish I can serve
steak about
Best Island I have travelled
palawan about
Video productions caught in the air for my
drone about