WP Blog Post Assignment – January 26

WP Blog Post Assignment – January 26 is about two web pages that is appealing and unappealing to the viewers eyes.

  1. https://www.verywell.com

– Verywell.com is a website that specifically talks about health related issues like blood pressure, diabetes, and COPD. In addition, their high blood pressure page is a one page site that gives vreaders all the information they need by simply scrolling down to the bottom. Moreover, it branches off to different types of important information like treatment, intervention, and medications. The site is well organized and definitely would refer this site to people that need information about hypertension.

2. http://patsbridalpromgownswaco.com/

– Pat’s Gown website is all about selling wedding gown, prom dresses, and casual dresses. The site made it to the unappealing list. The pictures that was posted cannot be clicked. On most pictures of a page, if it is clicked, customers are sent elsewhere to see more details about the product they are selling. However, on this page, it does not. If I were to make this website, I would make sure that all the pictures of the product they are selling will be featured on a single page with its price, designs, and how much left in stock. I will not be recommending this website because it feels like it was made in a rush.



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