Hi guys! My names is James Bryan. I have two first names and prefer to be called JB. I was originally born and raised in the Philippines and came here in Waco, Texas when I was 19 years old. 6 months later, I decided to join the US Army to serve Uncle Sam without knowing what I was getting into. 3 years later, I came back to Waco with the woman of my dreams that I now call my wife.


Her name is Annie, she is also Filipino who was born and raised in the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Fun Fact

I just recently got into making YouTube videos and blogging.

Here are two sites that I use for picture thumbnails.


This site I am about to talk about is more on pictures that are non copyrighted. It means that everybody can save every single picture they want without getting into copyright infringement problems for FREE. Go to www.pixabay.com for more information.

Speaking of pixabay, the site is like heaven for people that likes to blog or vlog. They have thousands upon thousands of pictures in its different categories. Pixabay is not even asking people to give them credit for using their pictures. I recommend that you guys should check them out.


Shutterstock is one of the best site when it comes to all kinds of picture genre. Everything you need will be there and them some.The picture qualities are breath taking that leaves the audience wondering what expensive lens or camera do they use to have these wonderful pictures. Unfortunately, they are not free.

I hope you guys have a great day!



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